A female Doctor Who is a step in the right direction

Peter Capaldi has announced that he will leave Doctor Who at the end of Series 10, and the eponymous doctor will regenerate once again. This time Peter Capaldi and other actors with longstanding links to the BBC, such as Mark Gatiss, are asking the doctor to regenerate to a woman.



Climate Change Cannot Be Ignored

Climate change appears to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days but are we really doing enough to combat it? With a parliament whose average age is around 40, many of the younger generation fear this creates an apathy about the future of our planet.




Men avoid teaching because it is undervalued and seen as ‘feminine’

“Following World Teachers Day, the educational charity Teach First is pushing for more men to consider a career in teaching. Teaching is currently a predominantly female area with only 26% of primary and secondary teachers being male in England. This figure is only 15% when looking at primary education alone. In fact, one in four primary schools in England have no male registered teachers.”

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An Evening With Margaret Atwood: The Kings Theatre Edinburgh

Monday 10th October; Margaret Atwood graced Edinburgh with a talk about her upcoming novel Hag-Seed which is a reimagining of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The novel is published as part of the Vintage Hogarth Shakespeare series with a mix of writers all rewriting Shakespeare’s plays as novels in the modern day. She chose The Tempest above all of the other plays as she believes it is the one with the most open ends – one of the most ambiguous; and claims if she couldn’t have chosen The Tempest she would not have wanted to do one at all.

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